It is your time to heal--and I am here to help.

In a world pressuring us to produce more, faster, studies show people are experiencing high levels of

stress, anxiety, physical pain and dissatisfaction with their life.

People come to Bodhisattva Healing Arts for massage and manual therapy for many of these reasons--

aches and pains from acute and chronic injury, stress, anxiety, and life passages--but the primary reason  is

an ache in the heart and a deep hunger to heal and feel the joy and richness of the life they they now miss.

 Since I started practicing massage and manual therapy nineteen years ago, I have been exhilarated

witnessing the courage and triumph of my clients to overcome pain.  You can recover your vitality and

mobility and I am here to help.

 ---Patricia Anahata Little LMP


I deeply understand the dilemma of pain and how to heal

with massage and manual therapy.


Physical pain makes your heart ache from missing your quality of life.  The things you enjoy doing begin to

disappear, one by one, as pain increases and movement decreases.  Sooner or later this begins to create

emotional pain making your heart ache with tension built up by dwelling in the past with the prolonged belief

“...oh, it’s going to get better, any day now...”   When things do not resolve on their own, mental pain starts to

make your heart ache from  isolation, loneliness, the confusion of what to do next, and the fatigue of trying to

control what you can not control--what needs to be relaxed and released with massage and manual therapy.

 Denying this, your body gets weaker and your spirit aches in the heart, because you no longer feel access to

your authentic Self.

Does any of this sound familiar?  Is it time to explore a new way?


To heal requires you have the curiosity to explore

new methods of healing

My massage and manual therapy is unique, innovative, and extraordinarily effective.

To get the most from this work it requires you listen with your heart to your entire Being--body, mind,

emotions, and spirit.  This might be new territory for you.  Knowing that, I keep the space safe for you to

explore the pain and the sensations in your body as you breathe and receive the massage and manual therapy

treatments.   We will explore together by listening with wholeness and opening to the universal human need

for love and connection.

“Anahata Little, I consider your special massage and manual therapy to be the magnum opus.”

Maxime Stadlen, Prasad Nutrition, Sebastopol CA


I address all of the essential parts of you to find

the origin, the root, of the pain.

Your mind and your body are very powerful and never create apart from one another.  They are inextricably

linked in your nervous system and externalize through movement.   You will be treated and challenged with

the utmost respect as we explore this inner territory of body and mind connection through breath, massage

and manual therapy.    Healing takes you to the core, into your sacred center.  It is a profound liberation to

reach deep into yourself and feel your body breathe and move transcending pain.  I am here to help you learn

to reach into and beyond the pain threshold to restore your health and vitality.


“Nobody else I've been to takes a whole body approach to rehabbing a body part and nobody I've been to understands the body as well as you.”

Glenn Crytzer, Glenn Crytzer Orchestra, New York, NY


If you want the best from yourself and you are ready to explore, uncover and transform the root of your pain,

I know you will rediscover your joy once lost to pain.  You will feel the beauty and sensuality of your body

again when you can move freely and not be restricted and limited by pain.  You will be able to engage life in

all of its richness.   Are those goals worth your time, your money, and your devotion?


“Anahata doesn’t just do massage.  She heals.”

Client, Bainbridge Island


If so, I am honored to work with you.  Schedule your appointment by calling the Seattle or Bainbridge Island

office, fill out the intake forms (see Services), and prepare yourself by being kind and gentle to your body and

your mind.