Healing Ritual

It is your time to heal. Restore the flowering heart of your indigenous soul.

If you have forgotten the way of your heart, if life feels upside down and you feel turned inside Healing Ritual Bodhisattva Healing Artsout by the stress of modern life, then healing ritual and sacrament work will support you on your path. Patricia Anahata Little, BS, LMP, called forth her indigenous soul and found Anahta Singingheart within her. Anahata Singingheart is an initiated medicine woman, teacher, and wisdom keeper for the traditions of sacramental indigenous breath and plant rituals. These sacrament rituals have existed in cultures throughout the world to preserve the healing wisdom teachings around what many traditional cultures call the Great Mystery. This is sacrament work, sacred work, the opportunity to access, explore, and know the Holy in ourselves--to restore our relationship to our heart, to Nature, and to nurture ourselves back into the cradle of love which is our birthright as children of this Mystery.

Sacrament work begins as a prayer for healing our relationship to ourself, to the Earth, and to others. It is your walking prayer, your deepest yearning, consecrated through the ritual and communication with your Highest Self and the Spirit of the Medicine. Are you ready to put your prayer in motion, heal your heart, reunite with The Holy within yourself, and move into a an integrated life of love and service to your dreams and the dreams of others? If so, it is time to begin restoring the flowering heart of your indigenous soul.

This work requires a personal interview with Anahata prior to participating. If your heart calls you to this work, please contact me today and we will prepare to create your sacrament ritual.

“Healing is a choice.  Healing is a process. It warrants our yearning for vitality, solicits us through our consciousness, but only truly happens when we say, ‘Yes!’ ”
~Yoga Master, Vanda Scaravelli