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Please take a moment to read the reviews and see the dramatic changes in quality of life that are possible with expert rehabilitative therapeutic massage offered by Patricia Anahata Little, LMP. All reviews here are written by clients of Bodhisattva Healing Arts and have been posted on YELP, Facebook or Google.

Plantar Fasciitis

I had been suffering from plantar fasciitis for over 5 years in both feet, and visited Anahata for the first time in an effort to relieve pain and avoid the surgery my doctors recommended.  After just one visit, the pain was substantially reduced.  After three visits, the pain was completely gone and has stayed that way for months.  She also addressed the root of the pain, which extended beyond my feet and into my legs, back, and neck.  I have always been a long distance runner, but for the past 5 years had been very limited in my ability to run the distances I want.  Since seeing Anahata, I am back up to the mileage I want and am pain-free.  And after years of only being able to wear rather therapeutic shoes, I can now wear any shoe I want and be comfortable!  It has been truly life-changing.

Laura Birx, Bainbridge Island, WA (posted on YELP)

Neck and Thoracic Pain

I love Anahata!  Before seeing her, I used to jump around with different massage therapists.  With her, I find I she provides everything I need...a great knowledge of the body's soft tissues, an excellent ability to tune in to what my body needs in that moment through listening and touch, and a great personality!   I always feel fantastically revived after each visit.  I highly recommend her if you want someone who truly understands the science of the body and/or if you just want to be massaged into relaxation!!

Anahata also discovered a problem I was having with a tight neck that I had been seeing a chiropractor for.  When no one else could identify the problem, Anahata's knowledge of soft tissues (not just muscle) figured it out, which relieved me of some serous pain that I had been struggling with for months.

Heidi H., San Diego, CA (formerly, Kirkland, WA -- posted on YELP)

Neuromuscular Pain for College Athlete

Anahata made a massive difference in the recovery of our son’s health with massage and manual therapy! I don't know what we would have done without Anahata since my son was in constant pain. He had seen several doctors with no relief. Anahata’s assessment determined my son had some pelvic floor nerve and ligament damage. Her massage and manual therapy healing process reduced his pain levels tremendously and facilitated the healing of the tissue. As a result, my son is able to return to college. Anahata also educated him, thank goodness, to be very mindful when skiing, playing water polo and doing other athletics --which likely led to the problem in the first place. When he is totally symptom free (he's close) for six months, he will be able to return to his church mission. I really can't ever thank-you enough Anahata. It was life changing for us.

Mary Bell , Bainbridge Island, WA

Masterful Touch

Anahata Little, your special massage and manual therapy is the magnum opus. I'm saving up for a visit up North just for your special medicine. 

Maxime Zahra Stadlen, MSHN, Santa Rosa, CA

Expert In Multiple Modalities And Biomechanics

What I most appreciate about Anahata's therapeutic massage and manual therapy is that she uses a variety of techniques in her treatment and that she adjusts her technique to address specific issues in my body.  She has an excellent understanding of bio mechanics and she is ready with both immediate treatment and ideas for exercises and stretching.  Anahata also uses a unique method of rolling and stretching that gets a good release and that complements traditional deep tissue work.  Highly recommended!

Karen Perry Seattle, WA

Post Accident, Post Maternity, Global Inflammation, GI Health

The best massage and manual therapist I've worked with since my 1992 motorcycle accident. Believe me, I've tried so many massage therapists and I'm so thankful that I've finally found a real healer that can truly help me work through all my physical issues (and the emotional issues that are associated/trapped under years of neglected old injuries). I first saw Anahata after I returned to work from a maternity leave and was dealing with new problems caused by gaining 75 bs during the pregnancy, structural change due to pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum. She is kind, compassionate, and loving and created a completely safe environment for me to really let go and allow her to work on many of the painful areas that I've been guarding for years. She even helped me loosen up my chest area (most massage therapist are too afraid to touch a woman's body in the chest area even for healing purposes). I was able to breath so much better and deeper ever since. I won't go into details on everything she has done to help me but please trust that when I say she is the best, you won't find anyone close to her caliber. Because Anahata herself has been through a bad accident and had to go through a very tough healing process herself, she is empathetic and knows exactly how to help someone seeking the same type of help. I am really grateful that Anahatha is in my life.

Alix Han, Seattle, WA (posted on YELP)

"Driver's Butt" And Repetitive Motion

I drive a Metro bus and spend hours in a seated position, which causes a lot of strain in my neck, back, hips, and legs.  I managed with the pain for years, but in the last 6 years is when it became chronic.  I've seen several massage therapists during this time, but I only got temporary relief and quickly the pain returned.  I was referred by my last therapist to Anahata.  The first couple massage and manual therapy sessions with her was really intense, but each time I felt better and better.  I started to regain mobility throughout my body.  The intensity of my pain has greatly diminished.  And I started to felt like my old self.  I just wanted to share my story and to tell people that you don't have to settle for any doctor or health care provider that isn't giving you the care you need or want.  I got lucky and found a true diamond in Anahata.

Mark A. Seattle

Prenatal And Postnatal Massage, Chronic Muscle Stress From Office Environment

I have worked with Anahata for over a year now and cannot say enough about the skill, service and attention she provides.  I began seeing her for prenatal massage and have continued to see her postpartum for treatment of those early mom aches and pains due to lifting, misalignment and healing from the birth.  She has an amazing understanding of the body and not only provides excellent massage and pain release, but gives me recommendations for exercises and techniques to continue at home between visits.  With her guidance and care I have had great results with pain and relaxation which is so important for my overall health. She also treats my mom, a hairdresser, when in town and has helped with relief of pain that my mom has endured for over five years.  With only two sessions Anahata was able to determine the origin of the pain and give my mom treatment that resolved years of pain. Anahata is highly recommended if you are looking for pain relief or relaxation.

Kirsten Harris-Talley Seattle, WA

Compassionate Touch

Anahata is not only skilled in the physical treatment modalities of massage and manual therapy that she has studied, but she is the kindest, most intuitive heartfelt practitioner I have ever met.  I am a massage practitioner as well.  I recognize great skill when I come upon it..  I am also a human being.  Her intuition, insight, heartfelt  belief in humanity, love and respect come through every single touch.  The last time our paths crossed and she put her hands on me in an effort to help me with severe pain, I was actually taken aback by the energy and impact emanating from her hands.  I have never felt as cared for, respected, or truly loved by any medical provider.  If you have the chance to be in the presence of this amazing woman for treatment, count your lucky stars, lay back, relax, and learn something about yourself, and about humankind.  You will not be disappointed.

Deb L., Bonney Lake, WA

Chronic Low Back Pain

I have struggled with chronic low back pain for years, which gets aggravated from time to time by strain due to my job as an RN lifting patients. It was brought to the worst pain I have experienced with it this year when I fell in the operating room and went into spasm that left me using sick time multiple days from work. Patricia was going to just be another one of the many massage therapists to find temporary relief from all that pain, but boy was I wrong! Her work is with the total body, mind, and spirit connection. I'm not used to being so open with someone, but her offices (I have been to both her Bainbridge and Seattle practice) are clean, welcoming, comfortable, and warm. She uses an approach of soft tissue work and muscle activation to really release tender spots deeper than any specialist before has been able to help relieve. Her guided meditation and deep breathing exercises woven into the session have helped me reconnect with my own awareness of self and deeply heal. Patricia also gave me some wonderful resources for a good physical therapist, at home relaxation material, a chiropractor, and even cold remedy when I showed up for an appointment with a cold! I thought this back pain was just a part of my life, but with help from Patricia and her network of great care providers, I am feeling relief and more at peace with myself than ever before! I am so thankful to her for her caring touch and holistic approach.

Jess S. Seattle WA (posted on YELP)

Plantar Fasciitis

I have been wearing expensive custom orthotics with sturdy indoor and outdoor shoes for my plantar fasciitis for 12 years.  My feet would cramp or flare up easily, and I could never run more than a mile or sprint uphill.  I am an active individual who goes to boot camps regularly and other active activities so I have been accumulating quite a bit of tight muscles over the years.  You can imagine the look of my face when I first came into the massage office for pain treatment and was told that I should get rid of the orthotics because they made my feet stiff and caused more pain!  I got some deep massage and manual therapy treatment which resulted in a pair of very relaxed feet.  I agreed to try phasing out my orthotics and slowly build up my feet muscles.  Months later, I had completely stopped using my orthotics, wear very minimal shoes and run short distances occasionally.  This is really incredible! Anahata is a very passionate healer and has a holistic approach.  Her massage and manual therapy sessions are often intense and focused but always leave you relaxed and improved.  She also educates you on how to maintain correct posture and ways to do effective home exercises to minimize your pain.  I've 'graduated' from my feet problem and now onto the treatment of my inflamed piriformis muscles.  I'm looking forward to regain my mobility and flexibility in every part of my body I never thought possible.  I highly recommend Anahata to anyone who wants to effectively manage their pain and improve their quality of life.

Miranda Chen, Mercer Island, WA (posted on YELP)

Chronic Neck Pain

Anahata is an incredible massage therapist, a true professional with a talent for healing, and a dedication to seeing her patients leave better than they arrived.  After only one visit the crippling, nauseating, sharp, agonizing nerve pain in my neck was vastly reduced; before seeing Anahata, I couldn't turn my neck to the left at all, and after only one hour on the table I had almost complete range of motion without all the nasty pain.

Bodhisattva Healing Arts on Bainbridge Island is a beautiful studio, with a welcoming and comfortable ambiance.  From the moment I walked in the door, Anahata was professional and courteous, full of humor and wisdom.  During the treatment, she used various techniques and communicated clear directions, offered anatomical education regarding my injury, and afterward referred me to other physicians who could contribute to my healing process.  (Dr. Stewart, of Steward Family Chiropractic in Edmonds, for NUCCA adjustments to my neck.)

Her website is full of additional information, and I feel confident in referring everyone in acute and chronic pain to her practice.  I will be back!

Garrett L., Bainbridge Island, WA (posted on YELP)

Post Cervical Fusion, Decreased Cervical Mobility

Amazing! I feel so lucky to have found this amazing woman. I had suffered from neck pain for 5 years following a trauma to my spinal cord. I not only have been pain free I also have a better range of motion than my doctor told me was possible. I look forward to the massage visits for many reasons including her loving and genuine approach towards my well being. The massage is unique in that she uses active techniques and incorporates all aspects of her vast knowledge and experience to provide the most invigorating, loving, therapeutic massage and manual therapy I have ever known. I feel lucky to have met her. I have taken multiple family members to see her and they all agree. She has completely changed my outlook on my injury for the better and I cherish her for that. Highly recommended for any injury or chronic pain. A healer and a beautiful person.

Molly Simmons, Seattle, WA

Lymphatic Drainage for Lupus

In 2002 I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus.  Since the onset of my illness, I, a type A and very optimistic person, have sought many traditional as well as alternative treatments in order to resume a good - albeit much more limited - lifestyle.  They include visiting many medical specialists, enduring medical tests and procedures such as sleep labs, nerve stimulation, etc., as well as drinking nauseous tea blends, eating various diets, and more in order to treat this mysterious and medically complicated disease.  A short time ago I met a sprite woman named Anahata who is a licensed massage therapist specializing in soft tissue rehabilitation and pain free living.  Traditional medicine and even various alternative treatments never informed me as to the importance of the lymphatic system to the disease of lupus.  Anahata was the first to do so, to give me the proper exercises to practice, and to make such a dramatic difference in my health and well being.  Just a short time ago I made my annual trek to visit my Rheumatologist and was informed that my blood pressure has consistently remained at 194/84 for the past year.  Quite concerning as that is stroke level!  Afterwards I met Anahata who began immediately to treat my lymphatic system and at a visit to my general practitioner yesterday - to everyone's amazement - my blood pressure was 132/62.  The only difference I've made is to regularly practice the exercises taught to me by Anahata to help clear my lymphatic system.  I am so grateful to Anahata for her treatments!  I cannot recommend her enough to anyone suffering from autoimmune diseases.

Heather C. Bainbridge Island, WA (posted on YELP)

Neck, Back, and TMJ

Patricia is a true healer.  And how incredibly fortunate we are to have her working on Bainbridge Island and Seattle.  I came to Patricia with severe neck pain and TMJ from several car accidents.  I have also had 3 back surgeries and plenty of metal and rods in my back.  So between the neck pain and the back pain and without body treatment for years, I was in severe pain and discomfort.  I have had 5 treatments with Patricia.  My neck and face pain has reduced significantly, so much so I am truly jumping for joy.  My back is much better (very exciting!) and I walked out of Patricia's office the other day and actually skipped through the Safeway.  Patricia uses intense body work treatments that are intuitive, highly skilled, "knowing," and exceptional in all ways.  If you have pain from an accident, chronic pain or illness, Patricia is a "must" to help your body reach best equilibrium and heal.  Patricia, thank you for sharing your gift with me and my body.  I feel incredibly blessed to have found you and look forward to a continued healing partnership with you.

Annemarie J., Bainbridge Island, WA (posted on YELP)

Chronic Neck Pain And Anxiety

I've had a nasty stiff noisy creaky neck for about a month. I contacted Anahata, and we set an appointment ASAP for a therapeutic massage. Then - I got cold feet and emailed her some concerns. She counseled me through my fears; with her years of experience and kind heartedness, I realized I'd be listened to and taken care of. We met at her serene Bainbridge home office where she did a brief but thorough intake. But the knowledgeable massage was the best part - almost. The REALLY best part was the next few days, my pain was so much better and has stayed that way. It isn't gone, it's a medical issue, but I feel much, much more functional and can turn my head without turning my whole body. My neck relaxed enough and she gave me advice about sleep and supplements that are making a difference with my day to day life. Anahata's experienced, intuitive, and knowledgeable therapeutic massage made a huge difference for me at a very vulnerable time, and I want to RAVE about her practice on the island (she also has a Seattle office).

Beth Balas Bainbridge Island, WA (posted on YELP)

Neck And Back Pain

I have been injured in a car accident, bike wrecks and most recently learning to ski.  I also do a service that pulls all my energy helping the person. Patricia is a wonderful massage therapist, but what is really special is her holistic energy work that enhances the massage.  Patricia treats the body, mind, soul and has opened up my severely injured neck and shoulder. I highly recommend her.

Deborah Vetter, Bainbridge Island

Post Surgical Scar Healing

I discovered Anahata [Patricia Little, LMP] after having a cervical fusion. I had opted for surgery after suffering from a severe herniated disk for six months. My surgeon had just cleared me for light activity and prescribed massage and physical therapy to aid my recovery. Anahata spent a great deal of time discussing my medical history before even touching my body. She took the severity of my injury with the utmost seriousness and insisted on fully understanding my situation so she could administer the correct massage and manual therapy techniques to help me heal. After our first session my range of motion was greatly increased, my pain was diminished and my scar was noticeably improved. She also takes the time to explain what she is doing and what I can do myself to aid my healing and avoid re-injury. Her massage and manual therapy treatments have improved my progress in physical therapy and made my every day tasks much easier. She is truly a healer.

Heather Bright, Seattle